Wood is a renewable resource, it is virtually carbon neutral as the firewood is sourced and delivered locally and appropriate woodland management benefits the local wildlife and enhances the Suffolk and East Anglian countryside. As gas and electric prices continue to increase year on year we believe that producing sustainable, seasoned firewood will continue to grow in popularity with our customers.

Following the UK Government announcements on selling "Wet Wood" and banning residential coal sales by 2023 we are now selling kiln dried firewood. Improvements in modern wood burner stoves means they are so efficient and are most effective when using kiln dried wood with the minimum moisture content possible. Whilst a lot of existing kiln dried firewood also comes with many transport miles we try our best to source from UK suppliers. Wherever possible we will try to minimise the impact of kiln dried firewood, an example of which is turning the crates that kiln dried firewood is delivered in into kindling nets.

The wood owners have worked with the Forestry Commission to effectively manage and improve our own wood. We have harvested wood from one section by thinning out existing trees to allow more light and room for the remaining trees to grow and flourish.

We are looking to introduce short rotation coppicing for a section of our own wood. Short rotation coppicing means that we cut back the existing wood more frequently, on average every five years, to produce 3-4 inch wide logs and means we don’t have to cut down the entire tree and re-plant. Coppicing is normally used for willow or poplar trees and may also be possible with birch and ash, all of which currently grow in our own wood. We will update the website with how our coppicing plan progresses.

We are already seeing more local wildlife in the woodland over the past couple of years from this new wood management plan commencing.

Within our own woodland we have predominantly 3 species of deer being fallow, roe and muntjac with the occasional red deer being spotted. We have all three species of woodpeckers, tree creepers and woodcock over winter in the wood too.

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