We are based just to the North of Woodbridge, we live locally and the firewood we supply is grown and felled locally. We want to keep the miles that the firewood travels to a minimum from where the wood grows to when we deliver firewood to your property.

We believe that the woods and logs used for firewood should be well seasoned as if firewood is not well seasoned the firewood will not give out a lot of heat as much of the energy will be used to evaporate the water in the wood. Badly seasoned wood makes poor firewood and burning badly seasoned firewood will result in a lot more deposits in your chimney.

We have built our own drying sheds to naturally season our harvested firewood for a minimum of one year for hardwood and six months for softwood. We also test the firewood we sell for the moisture content to ensure the wood we deliver to you is well seasoned. The firewood we will supply will be dry and ready to burn immediately (unless its raining on the day of delivery which will soon dry anyway!).

We will always try our best to meet your requirements and we do have periods of high demand, normally when its cold, so please try to order as early as possible so we can get your order to you in good time.

We are also always looking to improve the products and the service we offer to our customers so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve please let us know.

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